Among the cooperators are film makers, film editors, composers, actors, directors and we are open for new co-operatioons and innovative projects. Here you will find links to some of the creators that have been and are co-working with Studio InterAlter.

Film photographers Marie ThorinJulio Barcellos and César Ortiz. Film editors; Sebastian Waga and Baris Yeminici. Composers such as; Simon Bång, Mattias Hansson and Daniel Stagno have been working with the studio. Among the actors we can find promising actors from different genres, such as theatre, musicals, dance, fashion, music and film, among others are; Robert Olofsson, Andrea Erfors, Veronika Waga, Hanna Forslund, Niklas Borup and Jens Olsson.

In the audiovisual project Hospital we have been honoured to work with several prominent dancers and choreographers, such as; Nidia Martínez Barbieri, Ingrid Rosborg, Khamlane Halshackda and Carin Dackman.