Founder Gabriella Ceom

The founder of Studio InterAlter is Gabriella Ceom, a film director and producer with roots in the visual arts and literature.

“Experiencing a good film, is always a unique and unforgettable journey, which leaves you with new perspectives and reflections. The same goes for the creation of film art. I consider the process of film making being the most fascinating of all art forms, as it combines the most (if not all?) forms of art. Since the composition of proportions is the relationship between the parts and the entire sum of all parts, it is essential in all masterpieces. And also in this matter, the same goes for the film director´s crew. One of the crucial matters in filmmaking is thus, how multiple film creators within a team are enabled to perform. A skilled director is the one that lets the creators of: picture, sound, decor and acting, perform at their very best, and makes sure that every choice, big as well as small, encourage every team member to perform that way.”

/ Gabriella Ceom